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CyberCorps' Scholarship for Service (SFS)

This is an NSF funded scholarship to educate students in Cyber Security and place them with the government. Dr. Tirthankar Ghosh and his co-PIs received $2.7 million from National Science Foundation to award scholarship to students. In addition, the scholars will be forming a team of Community Cyber Security Champions, and organize seminars, workshops, and training to educate the community at large on cyber threats and countermeasures. The first cohort of scholars started this Fall. The grant is primarily for student scholarship. The student scholars are forming the team of Community Cyber Security Champions and working to educate the broader community on cyber threats and countermeasures.

Developing an Embedded System and Wireless Mesh Networking Lab on SCSU Campus

$60,000 obtained from Emerson Process Management to study the performance and security of embedded devices used in industrial control systems.

Information Assurance Scholarship Program (IASP)

$21,000 obtained from NSA to set up cyber security research lab at the Integrated Science and Engineering Laboratory Facility on SCSU campus.